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6 week online* private aerial coaching program 

$597** for 6 weeks of support

*For Vancouver-based athletes, hybrid online/in person options are available.  **Studio fees apply.

Ideal for the motivated aerialist/acrobat/athlete looking to develop a specific area of interest or get a quick training refresh. 

6 weeks of one on one aerial coaching including:

  • 4 X 1hr  coaching sessions

  • Ongoing support and video analysis via whatsapp including voice notes and video tutorials to keep things moving between sessions

  • Google docs program build out to keep you on track

  • The entire contents of my brain focused on you, your body and your goals

Get clear. Get focused. Get results.

I believe continuity and accountabiity are key components to success. 

6 weeks of support gives you the opportunity to dive deep into an area of your practice you've been craving to develop.

Take the pressure off of private sessions by signing up for a program that will keep you on track instead of endless one offs that never quite fit together. 

You deserve more than one off, drop in style education. Lets collaborate, get creative and get you where you want to go.


In Their Words:

"With Sidonie's guidance I was able to gain a newfound confidence in exploring and building my own aerial vocabulary and creating shapes. I am leaving this process with an excitement to apply the things I have learned in creating new acts and continuing to develop my aerial career."

- Samara Von Rad, Aerialist and Stunt Performer
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