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Online - Once/Month

Slow Rolls (for tough cookies)

Come do less with me!

  • Because you have to stop before you can start (otherwise you are just continuing)

  • Because less often leads to more

Slow Rolls is a 60 min class of recovery techniques for aerial and acrobatic bodies offered towards the end of each month.

Come explore

  • Approachable techniques for nurturing (and negotiating with) your hard working nervous system

  • Self myofascial release work (rolling) that invites change instead of beating tissues into submission

  • Your relationship with stillness and how to leverage that for recovery

  • Self care that is functional for you and the extraordinary things you want to do

  • Somatic and Pilates based exercises to strengthen your interoception and proprioception

This is for you if you:

  • Feel like you “should” be doing this but never find the time

  • Craving connection to your meatsuit beyond what typical exercise offers

  • Are curious about a recovery practice but don't know where to start

  • Feel like you’ve been chasing “more” forever and want an excuse to stop

  • Have found other recovery techniques hard to integrate or even stressful (me when I first tried meditation)

  • Just want 60min of ooey gooey self care

Jan 31st  9am Pst

60 minutes of release, restoration and reconnection designed specifically for our busy, acrobatic bodies. Soft focus for this month is pelvic floor and how it relates to whole body tension

Group Intensives

Join me for a 4-8 week series focusing on specific techniques to further your aerial development.

In person, in beautiful Vancouver, BC

Topics range from act development, to spin technique to delicious dramatic choreography and so much more!

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