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Mentorship and Coaching

Pebble Beach

Slow Rolls
Online Group Class

Recovery Focused

Once a Month

Restorative Practice

“I grew a nagging band of anxious tension across my bra line that's been keeping me from getting full breaths (making more anxiety!) I tried doing the rib focused slow rolls video to see if it would help and it totally did the trick 🤗 such a relief to get nice unpanicky full breaths”


VIP Mentorship


12 week

Deep Dive

"I reached out to Sido because I was about to leave Montreal for a place with far fewer opportunities to train and work, and realised that if I wasn’t confident in at least the structure of my training, those challenges may prove insurmountable. I had this giant, nebulous goal of “restructuring my practice”, plus the desire to create a new act to present when I arrived back home. 


She brought an attentive outside eye to my act that allowed me to re-shape it, create new transitions, and slather on a layer of polish that I otherwise never would have known how to make the time for. 


But maybe even more importantly, she helped me restore trust in my process by making me take the ideas out of my head and turn them into real boxes to fill (and permission to walk away if they weren’t working). 


She helped me uncover implicit logic that was already lurking in my practice, gave me some creative tools to help me get out of some of the ruts I felt stuck in, and gave me some tangible and incremental steps to work towards some of my more technical goals. 


This makes getting to the studio for 8am possible, because that’s simply not the kind of planning and negotiating I can do with myself before the coffee hits."


1:1 Coaching


6 week

Kick in the Ass

"I started working with Sido when I was feeling quite stuck and disillusioned with circus. She helped me find some joy again, for which I am so grateful. She has a refreshing approach to coaching and helped me with some postural things that have made a huge difference in my life outside of circus too. If you can work with Sido I highly recommend it. She’s a hilarious person (in the best possible way- expect jokes, laughter and a fabulously fun time) with amazing knowledge and a delight to learn from!"

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