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About Me

Sidonie Adamson is a circus artist and coach to aerialists, stunt performers, and outside-of-the-box athletes. Her specialty lies in helping artistic athletes reinvigorate their practices, discover unknown capacity, and level up with longevity.


Her lifetime in creative athletics and performing arts has seen her perform across three continents with notable organizations such as Les Sept Doigts de La Main, St. John’s Circus Fest, and Anystage Productions. She has lit up stages as a circus artist, hung from trees as a vertical dancer, performed in international festivals, curated and produced cross-continental shows, and dazzled as an aerialist for outrageously expensive weddings. 


Her coaching career started at the age of 14 and quickly developed into a fascination with coaching for longevity rather than the popular drive for short term performance. Plagued with injuries and labeled as weak early in her career, Sidonie was always certain that there was a better way- a safer way to push the boundaries of human possibility without sacrificing long term health. For her, this pathway started with reintegrating her deep core, which quickly developed into a method of training for the impossible while working with the body’s natural movement patterns and fascial slings. This early reconstruction informed her unique methods that she applies to clients and students everyday. These methods allow athletes to pursue their wildest goals in holistic, sustainable ways that set them up for resilient careers, strong recoveries, and a lifetime of movement. 


She has been fortunate to have received mentorship in coaching and personal training by Jason Chamney of Fitness Science and Tamarah Nerreter, of Bodynamics physiotherapy; pioneers in their fields of performance for healthspan and core and pelvic health, respectively. With their guidance, she forged a stringent eye for detail and got creative in order to bridge the gaps in artistic athleticism. She has guided stunt professionals, aerialists and acrobats through the deserts of injury, the uncertain perils of pregnancy, and the roller coasters of creative athletic careers. Past weirdos have gone on to the ENC, worked internationally as performers and achieved full time stunt careers. 


Her endless quest for knowledge has led her to achieve certifications in personal training, orthopedic assessment, and pre and post natal exercise. Other education includes STOTT Pilates, Pilates for neurological conditions, rehabilitative programming and extensive research into myofascial release and nervous system regulation for performance. 


In addition to her established independent coaching practice since 2012, she has coached with numerous gyms and circus schools across Canada,  working with athletes across all life stages and a variety of conditions including EDS, hypermobility, and neuropathy. 


She currently works one on one with outside-of-the-box artistic athletes, including aerialists and stunt acrobats creating highly individual, nuanced programs that help them through their careers safely and with efficiency. Her athletes become resilient, resourceful performers who are no longer derailed by change and instead continue to thrive and surpass their perceived limitations regardless of circumstance. 


Sido is one of western Canada’s most sought after aerial coaches, offering in-depth 1:1 athletic mentorships, and small group intensives in aerial hoop, silk, and act creation.


She lives in Vancouver BC with her Human, cat (Mungo) and 17 year old frog (Timmay). She is an avid plant lover and in her spare time she loves sewing and anything outdoors, especially if the chances of finding amphibians are high.

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