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Slow Rolls

(for Tough Cookies)

60 minutes of Release, Restoration and Recconection: Tailored for acrobatic, aerial and otherwise extraordinary bodies. 

$30 CAD/class - recording available. 

Come do less with me!

Restorative work has been one of the biggest performance hacks for me, and for my clients. We work HARD, it's time to learn to recover harder. 


  • Approachable techniques for nurturing (and negotiating with) your hard working nervous system

  • Self myofascial release work (rolling) that invites change instead of beating tissues into submission

  • Your relationship with stillness and how to leverage that for recovery

  • Self care that is functional for you and the extraordinary things you want to do

  • Easy to explore and apply exercises that can be applied across all areas of life and stress management

This is for you if you:

  • Feel like you “should” be doing this but never find the time

  • Craving connection to your meatsuit beyond what typical exercise offers

  • Are curious about a recovery practice but don't know where to start

  • Feel like you’ve been chasing “more” forever and want an excuse to stop

  • Have found other recovery techniques hard to integrate or even stressful (me when I first tried meditation)

  • Just want 60min of ooey gooey self care


  • Cost: $30 CAD

  • Is there a recording? Yes! But you must register before the class, recordings are not sold separately

  • What do I need? A yoga mat's worth of space, at least one release tool (softer is better) A pillow and a couple towels on stand by. Inflatable balls are a great addition

In Their Words:

"I went through the full class this evening, and I can't express how much I appreciated your planning, patience, honesty, and sense of humor. As someone with a severe autoimmune disorder and neurological damage, this was everything I needed (biofeedback, nervous system calming, etc.). My doctors are going to be thrilled.


Beyond all that, I love learning, and you share information in a way that is so accessible, even for a slow learner."


"Your recordings provide great go-to tools for me on the days I know I need to care for myself but can't think past "I feel awful" to formulate a movement plan."

Upcoming classes:

  • April 12 - 9am PST  

  • May 17 - 9am PST

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